Petie by Lori Fischer



An agoraphobic struggles to hide key details about her son’s death from her anti-social daughter (who is a cutter.) Now, as the 10th Anniversary of the devastating day Petie was murdered by his mentally ill father approaches, this dysfunctional duo will either find new faith in each other or destroy the little bit of community they have left.


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Petie Resume


2019 Included in the Women’s Theatre Festival, Raleigh, NC

2018 Screencraft Stage Play Competition Quarter Finalist

2017 Produced and starred in at Theatre East, NYC

2015 Received a reading at Lipscomb University

2015 Included in the King’s College New Play Reading Series

2013 Produced and starred in regionally at Duke Energy Theatre, Starving Artist  


2007 New York University Goldberg Playwriting Award Runner-up

2008 Nominated for the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award

2008 Kennedy Center ACTF Region II Festival

2008 KCACTF Region II Certificate of Merit recipient

Petie Reviews "a tour-de-force self-flagellation that leaves all drenched in tears. Though set in modern-day Red Bank, Tennessee, Petie is essentially a Greek tragedy." Broadway World "Feels like a cross between Rabbit Hole and The Beauty Queen of Leenane. Theatre East produces a heart-rending performance..." Times Square Chronicle "...if Medea is the character of a lifetime, Fischer performs Bonnie with a like intensity. As much as Petie is about this tragic situation, it is about how these people in this particular place deal with this situation, and it opens the work to new avenues of empathy. For a play with this many virtues, that is a good thing." Stage Buddy "The caliber of first-rate talent that is ever-present in Lori Fischer's Petie (including Fischer herself, who stars in this modern American tragedy. There is marvelous acting happening at Urban Stages. Manhattan Digest "A Southern drama by a New York playwright doesn’t always take us into promising territory. But Lori Fischer’s drama, Petie, ushers us into a Christ-haunted landscape familiar to small-town natives. The playwright, convincing here in the poignant lead role of the hardscrabble Bonnie, struggles with broken faith and a broken home in flashbacks with a charismatic—and dangerously schizophrenic—husband (an authoritative Nathan Rouse). "

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How to Get Famous by Lori Fischer

Synopsis: After losing her mom to an opioid overdose, a middle aged-woman, who is tired of being a nobody decides to become a somebody by applying to various reality TV shows. As she plots her path to fame, her daily routine becomes a real life drama when her relationship fails and her ex-con father moves in without her consent.

How to Get Famous Resume

2 W/3 M All settings are implied and should be able to move on and off-stage rather quickly.


The Memory of Damage by Lori Fischer

music by Lori Coscia and Don Chaffer

Synopsis: Inspired by the true story of Dr. Walter Freeman a man who performed over 3,500 trans-orbital lobotomies in the United States, The Memory of Damage tracks the journey of one patient, Calvin Wayne, as he searches to find out why he was given the procedure that has left him without any ability to feel. In a parallel story, Dr. Freeman embarks on a cross-country mission to prove he was on the right side of history. The character of Calvin Wayne is a composite character created by the author and based on published accounts of numerous persons who underwent transorbital and prefrontal lobotomies.

MOD Resume

The Memory of Damage

Selected for 2019 reading with Theatre East, NYC

Received a reading at SWAN Day, Washington, DC

2016 Source Festival Top 20 Finalist

#W/5M all locations implied minimally

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Land Grab (formerly titled The Displaced) by Lori Fischer


Jerry, an artist turned PR guy for B-CRU Oil, tries to make a good impression at his new job by offering a few solutions to a P.R, issue and a drilling problem. His solutions, however, cause an avocado farmer's death as well as a possible land grab against the Ute Indian tribe in Utah. 

*As of Fall 2016, a Utah Congressman has introduced H.R. 5780/the Public Lands Initiative Act into the House of Representatives. If successful, this "land grab" will take 100,000 acres of oil rich land from the reservation of the Ute Tribe.

3W/4M All locations minimally implied Photo by Nikki A. Rae Photography

Land Grab Resume: Land Grab Special Consideration 2018 Relentless Award Included in Culture Project’s Women Center Stage, 2018 Semi-Finalist Unicorn Theatre’s 2017-2018 In-Progress Play Reading Series Semi-Finalist Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s 2016 National Playwrights Conference Included in the Culture Project’s 2015 Summer Reading Series, NYC Commissioned by Theatre C/Carlos Armesto New York, NY Received the 2013 A.R.T. Alumni Lab Grant

Greener Pastures a comedy by Lori Fischer



  • Greener Pastures is a Golden Girls meets The Odd Couple crowd-pleasing comedy. Maxine a wise-cracking, curmudgeonly senior citizen at Greener Pastures Retirement Center's life is upended when the administrator mistakenly allows Dorothy, a 48 year-old, to move in and become Maxine's roommate. Dorothy, who's been a singing sandwich on the children's show Lunchtime with Munchkins for thirty years is ready to throw in the towel and retire. Guaranteed laughs ensue in this battle of wills and wits.

Play resume


  • Greener Pastures
  • NYU Thesis Professor Marsha Norman
  • 2018 Semi-Finalist B Street Theatre Comedy Festival
  • 2017 Produced at The Cumberland County Playhouse
  • 2016 Finalist Florida Repertory PlayLab Festival
  • New York University, M.F.A. Thesis Reading, Public Theatre 
  • Starring: Lois Smith, Lynn Cohen, Roberta Maxwell, Peter Francis James

Cast and set needs: 5W/2M, one multiuser


The Cumberland County Playhouse production photos


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  • "Greener Pastures by Lori Fischer is hilarious. This play had fantastically witty writing with lots of extremely humorous one-liners delivered with perfect timing." Trip Advisor

"A very funny comedy." Trip Advisor


"A refreshingly funny story." Trip Advisor